NoBroker Money Back plan Review – Features, Plans, and Pricing Explained

The rise of online platforms has changed how homes are bought and sold in the constantly changing real estate market. As a homeowner who had to deal with the complicated process of selling my home, I found comfort in NoBroker’s ease of use and honesty. After going through tons of NoBroker company reviews, I decided to try it out. This is my honest NoBroker money back plan review, where I will talk about its benefits for real estate sellers and contrast it with other famous plans. 

NoBroker has changed the real estate business by eliminating the need for standard middlemen. Not only has the platform made it easier to look for properties, but it has also made it easier to sell properties. NoBroker has become a name that people associate with ease of property deals, and the NoBroker Money Back Plan review shows how much they care about giving property sellers power. 

Overview of the NoBroker Relax and Super Relax Plans

NoBroker Relax plan: This plan offers a range of benefits at 7499+ GST for 3 months. 

What You Get:

  1. Property promotion on site
  2. Relationship Manager (RM)
  3. Facebook Marketing of Property
  4. Privacy of your phone number

NoBroker Super Relax Plan: This plan offers a range of benefits for just 13499+GST. Along with the benefits of the Relax plan, you also get additional benefits like a personal field assistant and photoshoot of property, etc. 

What You Get:

  1. Personal Field assistant
  2. Property promotion on site
  3. Relationship Manager (RM)
  4. Facebook Marketing of Property
  5. Privacy of your phone number
  6. Showing property on your behalf
  7. Photoshoot of your property

NoBroker Money Back Plan and Super Money Back Plan

The NoBroker Money Back Plan comes with the promise of a refund if the property remains unsold. The previous two plans do not have the money back feature for the sellers. After reading NoBroker complaints and NoBroker scam reports, I went for the money-back plan and found them to be positive and risk-free. The two variants of this plan are:

Money Back Plan: This plan offers 6 months of service with a range of benefits at just 16499+GST. 

What You Get:

  1. Guaranteed buyers or Moneyback
  2. Personal Field assistant
  3. Property promotion on site
  4. Relationship Manager (RM)
  5. Facebook Marketing of Property
  6. Privacy of your phone number

Super Money Back Plan: In this plan, you get all the benefits of the previous three plans and added features at just 20,999+GST for 6 months. 

What You Get:

  1. Guaranteed buyers or Moneyback
  2. Personal Field assistant
  3. Property promotion on site
  4. Relationship Manager (RM)
  5. Facebook Marketing Of Property
  6. Privacy of your phone number
  7. Showing property on your behalf
  8. Photoshoot of your property
  9. Plan Validity

Benefits of NoBroker Money Back Plans:

1. Transparent Pricing: NoBroker’s plans, even the Money Back Plan, are based on transparent pricing. Sellers can say goodbye to surprise and huge brokerage fees, making the whole process more expected in terms of money.

2. Dedicated Relationship Manager: Each plan comes with the help of a dedicated relationship manager who will help you by giving you personalised advice as you sell. NoBroker review on Quora had super positive opinions on their relationship manager. 

3. Broad Market Reach: NoBroker’s wide market reach ensures that your property gets the most attention possible. Because there are no middlemen on the platform, sellers can connect directly with possible buyers. 

How to Buy the NoBroker Money Back Plan?

Step 1: Go to the NoBroker website and click “Sell/Rent Property.” You can read the NoBroker customer reviews here. 

Step 2: Select the Money Back Plan option, clearly outlined with its features and benefits.

Step 3: Give information about your home, such as where it is, what it’s made of, and how much you want for it.

Step 4: Pay the fee associated with the Plan you’re choosing. You know precisely what you’re paying for because the prices are transparent.

Step 5: Once payment is confirmed, you will be given a personal relationship manager to help you through the selling process. 

Step 6: Your home’s listing has been activated and can now be seen by many possible buyers on the NoBroker platform.

Step 7: The seller screen lets you watch how your property is doing. Your relationship manager will update you every step of the way with regular updates.

3 Benefits of the NoBroker Money Back Plan for Property Sellers

1. Risk-Free Selling: The Money Back Plan provides sellers with a safety net. A refund makes listing your home on NoBroker risk-free if it doesn’t sell.

2. Cost-Effective Solution: Traditional brokerage fees can severely reduce seller profitability. Transparent pricing and refunds make the Money Back Plan a cost-effective option that maximises returns.

3. Personalised help: A specialised relationship manager provides personalised help for sellers throughout the selling process. A trustworthy point of contact improves the selling process from listing activation to closure.


NoBroker’s Money Back Plan is a real estate industry innovation that offers sellers a transparent, cost-effective, and risk-free option. NoBroker’s Money Back Plan has changed property sales and given sellers confidence and financial security. This money back plan review is a testimonial to assure you that there is no such thing as NoBroker complaints and NoBroker scams

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