Privacy Policy

Welcome to the privacy policy of BM Magazines. Here we publish information-based articles about the Business or Startups. We neither asked for any personal information nor allowed any of the readers to mention it. We ensure our readers and visitors with strong and reliable privacy for their automated information collected such as demographic information, language, and location, or details like what device a website visitor is using and on which browser they view your website.

What Information We Collect? 

We do not collect any personal information such as credits, logins, etc. The algorithms of the Browsers are automated set to collect the basic information of visitors such as language, location, and what browser they are using. However, if you see any of the pages that is embedded via our site and ask for the personal details, ignore such violations and report them to us because they do not belong to us.  

We Use Cookies

We use “cookies” to protect your information from being spied on or tracked. A cookie is a strong type of security for website browsers and it is the most trusted for preventing hackers.

Did We Allow Log-in/Sign-Up?

No, we do not allow any signup or log in for the author or something like that. However, if you saw any of such activity, please ignore this message and send us mail by taking a snapshot of it. Our team will immediately take action to stop such misleading pages. 

Note: If you notice any unethical activity on our site or page of the site, please report us!